Conference talk

A dedicated platformfor hybrid events

Increase the reach & attendance of your event

Generate sales & sponsorship revenues

Support attendee networking & interaction

Capture vital business data

How to make a hybrid event work for your customers?

Drawing on 20+ years of experience in the global events industry, we've created a full-featured hybrid event platform, designed to reach attendees live and on-demand wherever they join the event.

Hybrid Events are an opportunity to reach new new customers and grow into new markets...

Evesa has everything the event team, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and attendees need to network and share products and ideas with the rest of the ecosystem.

hybrid event platform

Live mode, real time polling and questions from remote attendees or the conference room

Extensive networking opportunities

Connect in app and with your favourite social networks. Evesa is all about helping people connect in the way that works for them

Focus Rooms

Designed for breakout sessions, round-table discussions, product demos, videos with partners, white-papers, polls and Q&A sessions.

It's as easy as opening the event you want to create a focus room in and get creating 😎

Empower your sponsors and exhibitors

Customers can bring together the elements of the event they want to focus on, adding their own content, expressing key ideas, products and partnerships, and engage with their customers.

Viral Networking

Evesa's focus rooms are engineered to be easily shared on social networks and embedded on any website, empowering every company to showcase their products and ideas, where the are most effective.
Data and metrics

actionable data

Whichorganisations are most engaged with your content

Whereyour most engaged followers are connecting from

WhatContent inspires the greatest engagement

WhoConfirmed email addresses from users who have an validated interest in your product

Need to film your event?

Our partner Keyline Productions is expert in Live streaming, Event and Awards promos, Executive interviews and video webinars

Contact Keyline


Built by a team with 20+ years of experience in events.

Give your event, large or small the superpowers it needs to succeed.

Actionable Data

High quality GDPR compliant data you can use to grow your business

Breakout Rooms

Empower everyone in the event to create a space unique to them

Live View

Built for live interactions between remote and in-person attendees

Easily Embedded

Embed evesa anywhere, to create a viral network of new users

Share on Social Media

Share your event on the social channels you prioritise

Moderated Comments and Q&A

Continue the conversation and grow your network with moderated chat and Q&A

Targeted polling

Create polls and quizzes that target the data you want gather


Enable every attendee and organisation, grow their network, make sales leads, and grow their business

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