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Closing Panel Discussion: What Happened to Open Networking?

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Dan Pitt

Palo Alto Innovation Advisors

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Hwa-Jung Han


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Marc Cohn


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Stefan Walraven

Inmanta NV

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Tom Yin


Recent questions

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    Jeffery Cole

    Regional Division Technician - Reichert - Roob

    And here's where the focus lies, not the product, but the consumers.

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    Emilio Morar

    Product Web Executive - Bartoletti, Schowalter and Little

    We can summarize the key challenges as follows: fragmented management domains, poor network visibility, lack of interoperability, and no standard data models. These include many vendors and service providers relying heavily on interoperability from one vendor to another, and low scalability from one partner to another, as well as low availability and reliability for software upgrades.